Principal Researchers Involved in the UPC/BSC GCoE

  • Mateo Valero, Full professor at UPC and Director of BSC, PI for the GCoE
  • Antonio J. Peña, Senior Researcher at BSC, Acting Director of the GCoE
  • Jesus Labarta, Full Professor at UPC and Computer Sciences Department Director at BSC
  • Eduard Ayguade, Full Professor at UPC and Computer Sciences Department Associate Director at BSC
  • Faculty/Team Leaders
    • Jordi Torres, Full Professor at UPC and Senior Innovation Advisor at BSC
    • Rosa Badia, Manager of the Workflows and Distributed Computing group at BSC
    • Xavier Martorell, Associate Professor at UPC and Parallel Programming Models Group Manager at BSC
    • Isaac Rudomin, Senior Researcher at BSC
    • Agustín Fernández, Associate Professor and Director of the Computer Architecture Department at UPC.
  • Former UPC/BSC Researchers that continue collaborating with us, thanks!
    • Isaac Gelado, NVIDIA Research, Former Senior Researcher at BSC
    • Alex Ramirez, NVIDIA Research, Former Associate Professor at UPC and Heterogeneous Architectures Group Manager at BSC
    • Javier Cabezas, Senior System Software Engineer at NVIDIA, Finished his PhD in 2015 at UPC/BSC
    • Carlos Villavieja, Senior Site Reliability Engineer - Software Engineer at Google
    • Judit Planas, Research Scientist at EPFL

GCoE BSC/UPC Contact Information

  • GCoE Directors: Mateo Valero ( and Acting Director Antonio J. Peña (
  • Local Events Organization:
    • BSC/UPC: Antonio J. Peña, Victor Garcia, Pau Farre
  • Press releases? Contact our Press Department
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