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    • Herta exhibitits its facial recognition solutions, during March 17-20, at booth 1232. In addition, we are among the select group of 5 intriguing and emerging companies that NVIDIA has chosen to present at the “Show & Tell” event, as part of the Emerging Companies Summit (ECS). What all companies participating in ECS have in common is that they use the massive power of GPUs to run advanced applications that are transforming existing industries and creating new ones.
    • BARCELONA, Spain, Nov. 6 – With energy efficiency as an objective in HPC, the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) has deployed a new prototype cluster to explore alternate architectures. The prototype combines energy-efficient ARM cores with a mobile NVIDIA GPU accelerator, and currently achieves 5 GFLOPS per Watt in Single Precision computation (0.8 GFLOPS/Watt in Double Precision), improving on current accelerator-based systems for GPU-centric applications.
    • During the SC12 exhibition, BSC presented the latest results in programming tools and models, HPC services for industry, highlighting scientific applications in the field of Life and Earth Sciences, etc. Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) actively participate with the different activities like Scientific Application Performance in Heterogeneous Supercomputing Clusters BOF, co-organized with Prof. Wen-mei Hwu, discussing “Many current and upcoming supercomputers are heterogeneous CPU-GPU computing clusters. Accordingly, applications groups are porting scientific applications and libraries to these heterogeneous supercomputers. Industry vendors have also been actively collaborating with system teams as well as application groups. Although these teams have been working on diverse applications and targeting different systems, countless shared lessons and challenges exist. With this BOF, we bring together system teams and application groups to discuss their experiences, results, lessons, and challenges to date. We hope to form a collaborative community moving forward.”


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